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Hello, welcome, thank you for visiting.  This site is dedicated to all things about Labradors including anything that is about Labradors.  Having a Labrador dog myself, i decided to create a website dedicated to Labrador dogs and also to help you including others who are interested in owning a Labrador dog understand a little more about Labradors!  If you enjoy using social media then why not follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google!



History of Labradors
St. John’s Water Dog
Choosing your Dog
Developmental Stages of a Puppy
Dog Grooming Equipment
Preparing for your First Puppy


Dental Care
Ear Care
Eye Care
First Aid
General Health Problems
Grass Allergies
Poisonous Plants
Worms and Fleas


Attention Seeking
Behaviour and Leadership
Chewing and biting
Obedience Training
Socialisation and Interactivity
Toilet Training
Walking your Dog

If you wish to contact myself for anything at all then please Email us, someone will send a reply as soon as possible.  Information on Labrador Dogs has been created to help visitors understand a little more about Labradors, most of the information can also be used for other breeds of dogs.  If you have any issues or queries with regards to information about Labradors or dogs on the site then please contact the website owner at the above address.  Thank you for visiting!

Please Note: Information on this site is to be used as a guidance only.  Information should not be used as a solution resolve any problems you may have with a dog.  The information is to help you, the visitor, understand a little more about Labrador dogs including dogs in general.  All problems should at the first instance be examined visually by a qualified vet or trainer.

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I created this site in dedication to my Labrador who is now nine years old, he is still active as he ever was when he was younger however he has had his ups and downs throughout his life but still happy and ever active!  I hope what you find on this site is useful to yourself, as you are bringing your new Labrador up.